Radiology and Imaging

The Department houses state-of-the-art high end equipment. The X-ray systems and Mammography Units are digital. The Four most important devices are:
Multi-slice CT Scan.
Advanced Ultrasound Machine.
High frequency Digital X Ray


 Diagnostic Services

1. Immunology
2. Biochemistry
3. Hematology
4. Clinical Pathology
5. Serology
6. Microbiology

Radiology is a unique service that helps in confirming diagnosis. For example, a biopsy can be done using CT scan and/or ultrasound. This minimizes trauma to the tissue, yet captures samples very accurately. In the same way the equipment can be used for guidance while removing fluid inside the body for diagnosis or treatment. Pus from liver/pancreas/kidneys or fluid from chest can be easily removed without damaging any vital structure.