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Children are the most precious gift that parent can have and the health and well being of the child is of paramount importance to the family. Children are not miniature adults and the branch of Pediatrics deals with disease and aliments in children and all other health issues related to children. It was only in the late 1800s that the need to develop a special medical branch for children was perceived and special care and attention was given to the well being of the health of children.

Pediatrician or child specialist are doctors trained in the treatment of childhood diseases. However, Pediatrician, unlike other specialities of Medicine, not only deal with the disease processes but are also involved in the well being and growth and development of children. Their task is further complicated by the fact that children especially the younger ones are not able to communicate their problems and the entire history is often obtained from the care givers only. Hence, Pediatrician are often called as Human Vets.

It is a highly specialised branch requiring astute observation and timely interventions. The branch of Neonatology is a highly specialized and developing branch which deals with not only normal babies but also premature babies.

We have a well equipped and established Neonatal unit which is specializes for Neonatal ventilation as well as management of extremely low birth weight babies(less than 1 kg). The unit along with Gynecology and Obstetric department along with the Neonatal department provide a comprehensive antenatal and postnatal care.

Vaccines are probably the single most effective medical intervention that has resulted in saving of the lives of millions of children over the years. As science advances newer vaccines are invented to deal with diseases that are incurable or which cause a very high degree of disability or deaths. Hence with the advent of vaccination scourges of Mankind such as Small Pox, Diphtheria, Poliomyelitis, Tuberculosis have either been eradicated or the disease burden has been greatly reduced.

We have the facilities to provide the latest and most effective vaccination. For this purpose we are conducting a regular vaccination Outpatient department where the children will not only be vaccinated but will also be monitored for their growth and development by the in house Pediatrician.
Besides the advance neonatal care, the department of Pediatrics also provides comprehensive care of children of all ages. The services include regular out patient departments(OPD), Vaccination OPD, admission facilitates and emergency care.