Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU)

The Interventional Cardiology department at our Hospital provides advanced technology for the diagnosis and treatment of heart and vascular conditions. Equipped with cardiaccath lab, Dana Shivam Heart and Superspeciality Hospital performs more than 8,000 interventional procedures a year.
Our cathlab is equipped with advanced technology, including digital subtraction imaging, intravascular ultrasound, intracardiac echocardiography, and coronary flow wire, all of which enhance accuracy and accessibility of data for physicians caring for our patients. Three of our labs are specifically dedicated to the treatment and diagnosis of vascular disease. Each lab features

advanced image quality and radiation-lowering equipment for patient and staff safety.
The department is handled by Dr. Sunil Kumar Garssa (Director and Chief Interventional Cardiologis).

Patients with heart problems can easily get into problems within fraction of second by a massive heart attack. Hence patients with these problems will have to be managed in a cardiac intensive care unit. This is equipped with central monitoring system to keep a track of beat to beat variation in heart rhythm.

This unit is attached to Cath lab, so that in case patient requires urgent intervention, there will not be any delay. Certain special infusion by items and circulatory support devices (Intra Aortic Balloon Pump-IABP) are kept ready for any kind of emergencies.

All these critical care units are managed by doctors who are pioneers in their profession. They are ably supported by well trained nursing professionals. The patients are constantly under close monitoring / vigilance round the clock by highly trained clinicians.

Excellent record maintenance, quick laboratory response & fantastic supportive services are a boon for any excellent critical care unit. Our Hospital is proud to have these kind of services.

To provide a human touch to all these services for interaction with patient attendants, each critical care unit is provided with a counseling room. This area provides an opportunity for patient attendants to directly interact with the clinician and express their feelings.

In our emotions to treat the disease, most often people forget that they are treating a human being. Every human being goes through emotional upset, anxiety, pain, when kept in a place like Critical Care Unit. Of late this problem is receiving lot of attention.

Patients are sedated during their stay in ICU. Pain relief is provided with many drugs and gadgets all these things or physician let, patient might have increased or decreased requirements to solve their problem patient controlled analgesia has been introduced patient can adjust paying relief measure as much he requires.

Pain management

Acute Pain – Management of postoperative pain, labour pain & 24 hour epidural services for painless delivery